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Insuredata is focused on giving Australian companies the right people to talk to to solve their cyber insurance issues and arrange suitable insurance programs from leading global cyber insurers. No longer do you need to spend time speaking to brokers who don’t understand cyber insurance and risk. We occupy the cyber niche and can offer you the right solutions with out the run around. Try us now.

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  • Multimedia Liability
  • Security and Privacy Liability
  • Privacy Regulatory Defence and Penalties
  • Privacy Breach Response Costs, Customer Notification Expenses, Customer Support and Credit Monitoring
  • Network Asset Protection (including Non-Physical Business Interruption)
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Terrorism

The Insuredata Difference


Why Your Current Insurance May Be a False Security


Although there are a number of cyber insurance solutions available on the market, most rely on brokers arranging the right covers and understanding your risks.  This lends additional time and inconvenience to what should be a streamlined, hassle-free process. Many of our competitors are also overpriced for what they deliver, and while they might tick some of the right boxes ultimately you need to be comfortable the person arranging your cyber insurance is giving you the best advice, product and service.

Discover the Insuredata Difference

Insuredata offers a flexible, tailored solution to suit your needs and budget.  Select between all or some of our services. Our team of insurance brokers provide a detailed overview of your current cyber risk status, then design, recommend and activate risk mitigation strategies.  This gives you confidence you are insured correctly and all risks have been considered. Grow your business with confidence.

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